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My Story

Hi, I am Lauren Junker Junker. An RN turned photographer, turned boutique owner.  I came up with the idea of Emerson Jane one day when I was shopping and having to run to a million different boutiques to find outfits suitable for all my family members.  Yes, I wanted something from a boutique because I know that is where I was going to find unique pieces that not many other people would have, unlike big brand department stores. After going to several different boutiques I realized it just wasn't acceptable that I couldn't find a local boutique that met all my needs. Right then I wanted to create a boutique where if you were with your mom, or younger sister...everyone of every age could find something that fit their generational needs.  And my little dream boutique has finally become a reality (insert happy dance). So, thank you for helping my mission become a reality.  

A little about me, I am 33, married and have two kiddos. I was an RN that became a SAHM with a passion for photography. My photography took me to photographing different boutiques in the area and several small shops on Etsy.  Realizing I had an interest in that type of photography has helped make this dream a little more accessible.   I am so incredibly thankful for all of you who support my business and I cannot say thank you enough to my husband and family for helping my dream become a reality.

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