Our Story

We are Lauren and JoAnn Junker. A mother and daughter-in-law duo.  We came up with the idea of Emerson Jane one day when we were shopping and having to run to a million different boutiques to find both of us outfits.  Yes, we wanted something from a boutique because we know that is where we were going to find unique pieces that not many other people would have, unlike big brand department stores. After going to several different boutiques we realized it just wasn't acceptable that we couldn't find a local boutique that meets both of our needs. Right then we wanted to create a boutique where if you were with your mom, or younger sister everyone of every age could find something that fit their generational needs.  And our little dream boutique has finally become a reality (insert happy dance). So, thank you for helping our mission become a reality.  

A little about us, Lauren is 32, married and has two kiddos. She was an RN that became a SAHM with a passion for photography. Her photography took her to photographing different boutiques in the area and several small shops on Etsy.  Realizing she had an interest in that type of photography has helped make this dream a little more accessible.   JoAnn is *almost* at the retiring time of her life but wanted something on the side that she enjoyed doing outside of work. The launch of Emerson Jane was perfect for this time.  With having a seamstress background it has given their buying process the ability to pick the best of the best items. JoAnn hand picks several of the clothing pieces based on quality of material and stitching.  You will only get the best of the best at EJ. We love to hear from our clients so feel free to reach out to us with any questions, concerns or support you want to ask/offer. Happy Shopping Friends!

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